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  • Is it good to apply body lotion at night?

    The night is a necessary time to renew your mind and skin. Applying a body lotion before bed creates supple, softer, more hydrated and good looking skin the next day. It helps to seal in moisture and repairs the skin barrier compromised by dry hair and brassy cleansers.

  • How to use body lotion properly?

    The body lotion is one of the bath & shower products. You can add a dollop of body lotion to your hand. First, rub your palms together for some time to warm up the lotion. Next, you can use your hands to massage the body lotion into your body in small circular motions. Repeat this process until you have covered your entire body, including the neck area.

  • What are bath & body care products for weight loss?

    There are various bath & body care products dedicated to weight loss. Some of them are collagen latte, green tea, green coffee, slimming shake, and many more. With the help of these products, you can experience weight loss after their regular usage.

  • How to clean my face with a face cleanser?

    The face cleanser is a type of bath & shower product. You should apply face cleanser to hands, cloth, or sponge. Moisten the cleanser with water and wash it on the face or body as required. Rinse off the cleanser with water and pat dry with a clean cloth. You can use a face cleanser daily.

  • Can I use an exfoliator on my whole body?

    Exfoliators are one of the bath & body care products. It is good to use an exfoliator and also to exfoliate your whole body, including the face. Exfoliating your entire body can stop body acne in various parts below your neck including the back, chest, and arms.

  • What oils are good for body scrubs?

    Body scrubs are one type of bath & body care product. Olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and virgin coconut oil are good choices for body scrubs. We prefer cold-pressed, organic oils for body scrubs whenever possible. Olive oil is very moisturizing and can help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

  • How often should I use a face moisturizer?

    The face moisturizer is a kind of bath & body care product. Primarily, it is advised to use face moisturizers twice daily, every morning and night. It is the most commonly accepted practice. Because the face moisturizers lock the moisture content of your skin throughout the twenty-four hours.

  • What's the best exfoliator for the body?

    The best exfoliator for the body is the exfoliating cream. This cream removes the dead skin cells and hydrate the new skin. You can apply this exfoliating cream all over the body and perform a gentle massage. You can apply the cream concentrating on the dry and rough areas of the skin.

  • Is body scrub the same as an exfoliator?

    The primary difference between scrub and exfoliator is that the scrub is a cream-based product. Scrubs contains tiny exfoliating particles. On the contrary, an exfoliator is a chemical or mechanical agent. When you apply an exfoliator to the skin, it removes dead cells from the skin’s surface.