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Best Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

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Hair fall is a common problem among every gender and age group. Still, watching it happening to you can be really distressing. Watching your receding hairline, forming bald patches, or thinning hair can be a traumatising experience. Fortunately, beauty and wellness manufacturers have come up with solutions in many forms.

There are quadrillions of treatments available in the market claiming to be the best hair growth products that can stop hair fall, stimulate regrowth, and make your hair healthy. However, not every product can make up for what they say. Therefore, you should choose only those backed by clinical studies and dermatologists.

To get you started, we are listing some of the best products you can try to get rid of your hair fall problem. The list is a complete set of products you would need to establish a healthy hair care regime to fight hair fall. 

When picking up products, we ensure you get the best-proven treatment. So, we set criteria for selecting those treatments. They are approved by leading dermatologists and tried & reviewed by satisfied customers. Hence, you would unhesitantly give them a try. And now, let’s not delay jumping to the product listing.

Hair growth shampoo

Shampoos are the most basic hair care product. They not only cleanse your scalp but may also have ingredients that aid your hair health. So here is our recommendation, Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Shampoo is packed with various fortifying ingredients that help you with hair growth.

Notably, it has Edelweiss extract, which is proven to lessen hair fall and encourage healthy hair growth. And another ingredient, ginger root extract, has been traditionally used for controlling hair fall and stimulating follicles for new growth. The shampoo is a perfect blend of these ingredients with the ultimate hair growth formula that soothes your scalp while aiding in the development of your strands.

Hair growth conditioner

In the second stage of the hair care regime, conditioning is a critical practice that helps keep your hair smooth, silky and tangle-free. So, for this part, our pick is this enriching Kérastase resistance fondant extentioniste conditioner, which targets roots, lengths, and ends to improve your overall hair.

The conditioner uses active ingredients like Ceramide and Maleic Acid to infuse weak, brittle hair with strength. It stimulates the scalp, then gently detangles length while reinforcing them and finally seals the hair fibre with healing particles, making hair full, strong, and healthy.

Hair growth serum

In topical hair growth treatments, serums are proved to be most effective as they stay longer on your scalp, offering active ingredients to effectively work on. Hence incorporating hair growth serums like GENESIS Sérum Fortifiant Hair Serum can speed things up for you. 

This hair growth serum contains a complete pack of ingredients that minimises resistance. It re-anchors the follicles more robustly into the scalp while creating an optimal environment for future growth. As days pass, the serum strengthens the scalp’s natural protective barrier, aiding in hair health.

Hair growth capsules

In hair loss treatment, oral medication is as necessary as topical products. Hence, we suggest incorporating supplements and multivitamin tablets into your diet. And for this, we recommend going for Trichotin Hair Regenesis. This multivitamin supplement is made with essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth.

Ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Oat Straw, Pygeum, Nettle, etc., minimise hair loss. It stimulates the hair follicles from the inside and restarts the growth process. As a result, you will have reduced hair loss, healthier & more robust hair growth, and clear skin.

What should I add to my diet for hair fall?

An inappropriate diet and lack of vital nutrients in your body are one of the primary hair fall reasons. To fill that nutrient gap, you should add green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts into your diet. Moreover, eat food rich in omega-3 and vitamin D.