Build Your Perfect Skincare Routine

To build an excellent skincare routine, you have to follow specific steps to nourish your skin. Therefore, it is not enough to have good skin-related products. For your products to be most effective, you also need to apply them in precise order.

Your routine will depend on the time of day, your skin type, the ingredients and formulations of your items. Although, a good thumb rule is to apply in order of texture of the skin, from thinnest to thickest.  Since light products would not be able to penetrate thicker ones.

You can use the best skincare products to follow a strict regimen for better results. Moreover, you can start with a clean, toned base, then apply concentrated, active ingredients, and finish by sealing in moisture. 

Of course, you can use cream with sun protection factors in the daytime. Now let us discuss the essential steps to carry out a daily routine.

Steps For Excellent Skin Care Routine

Step 1 – Wash your face

You can rinse your face with water every morning and night. Afterward, you can rub a small amount of cleanser between clean palms. Massage with face wash all over your face using gentle pressure. 

Rinse your hands and massage your face with water until the cleanser and dirt get removed. Next, gently dab your face dry with a smooth towel. If you wear makeup, you are required to cleanse two times at night.

First, you should remove your makeup from your face with cleansing oil or with water. In addition, you can try leaving dedicated eye-makeup removers on for a couple of minutes. So, it allows the makeup to come off more quickly and avoid rubbing your eyes.

You should follow up with a full-face gentle cleansing process.

Step 2 – Apply toner

You can use a toner after cleansing your face and before doing everything else. Furthermore, pour a few drops of toner into your palms or a cotton pad and gently wipe onto your face.

If your toner is exfoliating which means it removes dead skin cells with ingredients like glycolic acid. So, you can use it only at night. Moreover, hydrating formulas can be used twice a day. 

You do not use exfoliating toner and retinoids or other exfoliators at the same time.

Step 3 – Apply serum

You can use a serum with antioxidants like a brightening vitamin C serum in the morning. It is because they protect your skin from free radicals you will encounter throughout the day. 

While nighttime is a good time to use a moisturising serum with hyaluronic acid. It keeps your skin from drying out at night. Especially if you are using anti-ageing or acne treatments that can irritate and dry out the skin. 

Serums contain exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids or lactic acid. So, always remember that water-based serums are applied underneath a moisturiser. On the contrary, oil-based serums should be applied after moisturiser.

Step 4 – Apply eye cream

You can apply moisturiser to the under-eye area of your eyes. But, you can use a specialised eye cream. You will typically want to layer it underneath moisturiser since eye creams tend to be thinner than face moisturisers. 

Moreover, you must try to use an eye cream with a metal roller-ball applicator. In addition, store it in the fridge to counteract puffiness in the morning. Applying hydrating eye cream at night can cause fluid retention that makes eyes look puffy in the morning.

Step 5 – Use spot treatment

It is an excellent idea to use acne spot treatments at night when your body is in repair mode. Moreover, you can be cautious of layering acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acids or benzoyl peroxide with retinol. Since they can cause irritation. 

Instead, you can make sure you are doing the crucial things to keep skin hydrated and calm.

Step 6 – Moisturise

Moisturiser can hydrate skin and lock in all the other layers of product you have applied. Instead, look for a lightweight lotion for the morning. Ideally, it should contain a sun protection factor of thirty or higher. 

Moreover, you can apply a thicker night cream in the evening. People with dry skin may want to use a cream in the morning and at night.

Step 7 – Apply sunscreen

It is considered the last step, but sun protection is an essential part of any skincare regimen. Protecting your skin from UV rays can prevent skin cancer and signs of ageing. 

If your moisturiser does not contain a sun protection factor, you need to wear sunscreen. You should look for a broad spectrum of sun protection factors. It simply means that your sunscreen protects from both UVA and UVB radiation.


You will receive the crucial steps for your daily routine to nourish your skin with skin-related products. In addition, you can get to know the technique to use each product on your skin for desired results. Moreover, this regimen is helpful for those looking to follow a strict process to make their skin soft and supple. 

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Reasons to use Hairtamin products to nourish your hair

Do you want to use Hairtamin products for nourishing your hair? And also, are you looking for authentic or real-time reasons for using Hairtamin haircare products? Are you searching for the right reasons to use these products and vitamin supplements for your hair? If your reply is positive, then our blog will act as an essential resource for you. It is related to the Hairtamin hair care products and important reasons to use them. When you use vitamin supplements for your hair, you must consider a few things. Also, you might not know the exact purpose behind using those products which nourish your hair. 

They are organic and contain vital ingredients like minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to completely nourish your hair.

If you have taken the natural hair care supplement regularly, it will show you some results. However, it can help you to support follicle strength and allow hair to grow longer, stronger, thicker, and shinier. So, now, let us discuss the important and authentic reasons to use branded items. These organic products are helpful for nourishing your hair.

Authentic reasons to use Hairtamin natural hair care products

You can switch to organic products for better-looking hair

Nowadays, there are so many multiple products available to choose from when it comes to skincare, beauty, and hair care. These manufactured products claim to work wonders for you, and most of them end up doing more harm than good. 

It is the exact reason behind most of us having scalp and hair issues such as hair fall and dandruff. If you are tired of trying new chemical enriched products, there are specific reasons for it. So, it is the appropriate time for you to switch to natural items.

They avoid using the harmful chemicals that standard products include, and also they are on the expensive side. The end result will show you that they are worth investing in organic products. So, here are some critical and authentic reasons you start using Hairtamin natural products. 

Organic products from Hairtamin can reverse damage in hair fall

It is right that these products from Hairtamin can reverse the damage in hair fall. We end up with so much damage to our hair for many reasons. Indeed, it is due to the environmental changes and the products and tools we use to style it with. 

On the contrary, they can help reverse all that damage done to your hair. Moreover, they can do this by repairing it right from the roots of the hair. They give your hair the strength which is required as per the needs.

Hairtamin hair care products are skin-friendly

Excessive use of chemical products like serums and Hairtamin shampoo often leads to issues. It is because they contain sulphates and other harmful ingredients which are not precisely skin-friendly. Apart from ending up causing scalp issues, they can also irritate the skin on your forehead. They are relatively safer to use compared to other products. Since they only have natural ingredients in them, so there are fewer chances of you having any side effects. 

These organic products can help with coloured hair

You have to ask yourself one question before using these products for hair care. And that question is as mentioned here. Were you aware that these Hairtamin products can ensure that your coloured hair stays coloured for a long time? 

It is correct; the harsh chemicals in ordinary shampoos and conditioners can strip your hair out of colour.  On the contrary, since Hairtamin natural hair products do not contain these harmful chemicals. So, you can use them to help cleanse your hair and scalp while not harming your hair colour. 

These products can make your hair healthy

When we use chemical products excessively, we often end up with so much product build-up in our hair. These product build-ups in the hair are due to grime, sweat, and chemical product use. That is where these products can come to your hair’s rescue. Since those products are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients, they can give your hair the required boost. They will make your hair healthy and beautiful and help to get rid of any build-up in your hair.


Where can you buy Hairtamin products?

You can buy branded products – natural hair care supplements, from the online skincare and haircare eCommerce store in South Africa – 27pinkx, where you can find all the haircare, skincare, and beauty care products. For booking inquiries about these products, you can contact the customer care executive at 27pinkx – an online eCommerce hair care, beauty care, and skincare products store.

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PCOS and Skin

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How Does Gut Health Affect Your Skin?

The human skin is one of the most versatile and largest organs of the human body. Your skin reflects the health of your body in many instances. Taking care of your skin is always a good thing. Therefore, we encourage our customers to use quality skincare products to address various skin-related issues. Issues such as dry skin and dandruff are usually correlated to something else, that could also be responsible for the outbreak of acne and skin tags. These issues usually start in our guts.

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