Delux Skin Treatments


90min | R2750

The View Exclusive uses algae and a combination of hyaluronic acid and oxygen to kick-start the production of facial collagen and elastin—the two substances responsible for maintaining your face’s youthful appearance.
This procedure combines the best parts of what are typically separate procedures in order to provide immediate, distinctive results that require no recovery or downtime. This complexion-boosting facial leaves you with glowing skin and a radiant-looking complexion.


90min | R2750

The Glow that Steals the Show.This signature treatment begins with the Fire and Ice Peel to gently resurface the skin, followed by an Oxygen Treatment which instantly hydrates the skin, resulting in overall radiance and a glowing complexion.


120min | R5500

The Power of Three uses Oxygen to deliver 3 powerful cocktails into the skin. This extravagant treatment is designed to give the skin an antioxidant boost. The first step in this facial is a 3 step Hyaluronic Layering Process, which provides intense hydration to the skin. The second step contains a powerful cocktail of botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C to restore skins radiance.

The final step contains a nourishing mask to instantly soften fine lines and provide increased firmness. All 3 steps are sealed in for maximum and longer lasting results.

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