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How Does Gut Health Affect Your Skin?

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The human skin is one of the most versatile and largest organs of the human body. Your skin reflects the health of your body in many instances. Taking care of your skin is always a good thing. Therefore, we encourage our customers to use quality skincare products to address various skin-related issues. Issues such as dry skin and dandruff are usually correlated to something else, that could also be responsible for the outbreak of acne and skin tags. These issues usually start in our guts.

The Impact of an Unhealthy Gut

Our bodies are filled with different kinds of cells, of which bacteria play a large role. Most bacteria are necessary for the body, while others are detrimental. The gut is where most bacteria manifest in the body, which means that your gut health will have a direct impact on the rest of your body, including your skin. The bacteria in your gut form their own microbiome, which will influence the rest of your body accordingly. If your microbiome is out of balance, it will have negative effects on your skin. These effects can include spots, inflammation, eczema, and rosacea.

It Starts with a Healthy and Accommodating Diet

People would commonly say that you are what you eat. When it comes to your gut’s microbiome, they are correct. The human body is still a mystery in many aspects. However, dietary adjustments have a direct impact on your health. Many people have diets that are directly influenced by their blood type, which determines the bodily cravings. However, certain types of food are universally good for you, except when dealing with a specific gut-related syndrome such as IBS.

Take Care of Your Skin

Although a healthy diet is the best way to balance your gut’s microbiome, quality skincare products will treat your skin’s surface accordingly. Moisturiser is beneficial to the skin’s surface, as it opens the pores to make them more receptive to vitamins and nutrients from body creams. The skin loves Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as both vitamins assist in the structure and texture of the skin. Therefore, consistently applying moisturiser will ensure that your skincare products are more effective for a healthier skin.

27PinkX offers a comprehensive selection of quality skincare products to ensure that you can take care of your skin while taking care of your gut health with a healthy diet. Now, you can start the journey to beautiful and healthy skin!