This shimmering bold pink is inspired by the city Dhofar in Oman. Marco Polo once wrote of Dhofar in his book, calling it a great and noble city and highlighting its frankincense trade – something Dhofar has been famous for since ancient times. The “Land of Frankincense” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Dhofar consisting of frankincense trees and the remains of a caravan oasis and two ports, which were crucial to the medieval incense trade. Also in Dhofar is the fabled lost city of Ubar that was found deep in the sands. Known as the “Atlantis of the Sands” it was mentioned in “A Thousand and One Nights” as a vital frankincense trade hub. Along with its incense trade, Dhofar is also famous for its beautiful lagoons, lakes, and the beautiful coastal cliffs and sandy beaches and is a great place to spot dolphins, cranes, and the pink flamingos that inspired this color.

Dhofar is best described as a hot pink cream color, with a hint of shimmer. Dries semi-matte!