• Angle Brush

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  • Baby Doll

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    A favourite of lash-lovers, Baby Doll gives a stunning, feminine flutter to the eye with its wispy, curled design. Add a winged eyeliner and your look is complete! This Mink lash can be worn up to 34 times

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  • Blending Brush

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  • Coffee Body Scrub 500G

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    Having a cup of coffee in the morning is like a ritual for most of us and why shouldn’t it be? After all, moderation consumption of coffee has many health benefits to offer. And if you love coffee way too much you’ll be glad to know that coffee has certain skin benefits too.

    Coffee grounds are a mechanical exfoliate, meaning they can be used to scrub away dead skin to reveal the new, healthy skin underneath, whereas chemical exfoliates remove skin cells with enzymes or acidic properties. Exfoliating with coffee grounds improves circulation, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

    Here are 8 skin benefits of using a coffee scrub.

    1. It reduces inflammation and soothe red, inflamed breakouts.
    2. It improves blood circulation. If you scrub your body with coffee, the caffeine present in it acts as a stimulant which improves the circulation of blood that moves through your veins. Okay?
    3. It gives youthful, radiant skin. 
    4. It removes dead skin cells (sun spots, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles) and helps to generate new skin cells.
    5. It reduces puffiness (especially around the eyes) by restricting the blood vessels and acts as a stimulant that will give you less tired looking eyes.
    6. It improves the texture of your skin to make it feel softer, smoother and rejuvenated.
    7. It reduces the appearance of cellulite – This is possible because coffee is a diuretic that dehydrates your body. So, when you apply a coffee scrub, the fat cells closest to your skin’s surface tend to shrink in size.
    8. It adds a glow to your skin. 

    Coffee is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant properties! A natural caffeine Fix!

    Ingredients :
    Coffee, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Sugar

  • Drama Queen

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    For an Ultra-Glamorous Look!
    This elegant, handcrafted Faux Mink lash creates fullness and definition, adding a striking effect to your makeup look – perfect for a glamorous evening or special occasion! Made from synthetic fibre, this lash can be worn up to 34 times
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  • Fine Angle Brush

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  • Just A Fling

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    Our luxurious, handcrafted and cruelty-free Mink lashes will add gorgeous volume and length, intensifying your look. This style can be worn up to 34 times

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  • Kids & Adult Avengers Cartoon Facial Mask

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    2 Ply Cotton Mask
    Breathable, Extremely comfortable
    Adjustable head straps, easy to size
    Fun and fashionable for both kids and adults