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    Cerazyme Depilbright body lotion

    Body lotion with SPF 20, made with Gatuline Spot Light, a complex active substance of plant origin that fights the causes of skin pigmentation, blending them, and brightening the general skin tone in a natural and safe way. It is enriched with Shea butter to nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

    It protects the skin from UV rays, which are the main cause of cases of hyperpigmentation. Tackles pigmentation on both the surface and innermost layers of the skin, managing to reduce even the darkest.

  • Depilbright body concentrate

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    Body serum made from anti-pigment active ingredients of plant origin including Gatuline Spot Light, poppy seed oil and Citrus Unshiu extract. Its special texture means it is absorbed easily by the skin, reaching the deepest layers thanks to the subsequent use of Cerazyme Depilbright wax.

    Reduces pigmentation on both the surface and innermost layers of the skin, blending its uneven tone. It hydrates and nourishes the skin deep and restructures the epidermis.


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    Preventive treatment for ingrown hairs in roll-on applicator bottle

    All the benefits of Folisan against folliculitis in a gel formula that treats and prevents ingrown hairs in the most delicate areas including the underarms, bikini line area or the beard. Its roll-on design makes it ideal for home use and for applying to hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for men who shave with a razor, as it also helps prevent infected pores.

  • Wax Cup Kit

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    Kit Consists of:

    1x Enamel cup
    1x 250g hotwax
    4x Spatula’s