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    Advanced Amino Combo

    This rich and creamy pink apple scented Advanced Amino Shampoo and Conditioner combo is packed with a propriety blend of advanced aminos that are scientifically formulated to nourish the hair shaft and scalp with the precise balance of vitamins, minerals and amino’s for faster hair growth.

    Recommended use

    For best results, Shampoo your scalp daily, thoroughly massaging your scalp to ensure the product emulsifies and creates a creamy lather.  Shampoo only your roots, and when your rinse your hair simply glide the product from your roots to your ends during rinsing to ensure a thorough cleanse.

    To condition, ensure the hair is wet, applying the conditioner from the ends first and work you way up to your roots.  It is important to condition your roots.

  • 500ml Advanced Amino Conditioner

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    Turn to a classic British heritage look with this cotton shirt from iconic label Tuscany London. Splashed with the unmistakable print, this piece features a classic collar, branded buttons and a curved hem. The classic pattern gets a modish spin with a supersized, multi-coloured update.

  • Blond Absolut Cicaflash Conditioner Kerastase

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    Super shot of care for lightened or highlighted hair with the restorative performance of a masque and the lightweight finish of a conditioner.
  • Genesis Fondant Renforcateur Conditioner

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    Anti Hair-fall Fortifying conditioner for weakened hair, prone to falling due to breakage. This creamy formula offers anti-breakage action with the most lightweight finish. It helps restore the fiber and reinforces its natural resistance to reduce the risk of hair-fall due to breakage. Enriched with the combination of Edelweiss Native Cells and Ginger Root, it instantly smoothes, strengthens and softens the fiber while providing deep nutrition without weighing down the hair. Hair is uniform, shiny and stronger.

  • Joico Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner

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    Forget those overly heavy treatments designed for “bleach blondes.” Our deeply nourishing Brightening Conditioner instantly revives blonde hair without weighing things down. Each highlighted strand is polished to a high gleam, giving you shine and detangling power that makes you feel bubbly all over.

  • Joico Blonde Life Violet Conditioner 250ml

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    Instantly cool brassy tones and brighten cool blonde hair
    Help maintain healthy-looking hair with brilliant shine
    Nourish and protect fragile blonde hair
    Provides incredible slip and detangling

  • Joico Hydrasplash Hydrating Conditioner (for Fine- Medium, Dry Hair) – 250ml

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    Joico Hydra Splash Hydrating Conditioner For Fine-Medium Dry Hair brilliantly detangles and replenishes elasticity with a lightweight formula that won’t weigh down hair.

  • Joico Joifull Volumizing Conditioner 250ml

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    Everything fine hair could want from a conditioner: a formula with powerful detangling ingredients designed to create full, airy, touchable body without weighing hair down. This daily-use conditioner nourishes fine strands with a barely-there touch, delivering easy-to-comb glide power and a unique, lightweight feel.

  • Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner 300ml

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    Nourish your hair colour treated hair and improve the strength of your locks with this Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner. Rich in fatty acids this ultra caring conditioner will protect your hair from fading, leaving your colour looking vibrant and your hair with a healthy glow.