• City Mood+ (Protect SPF 50) 30ml

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    SPF 50 protective day fluid.

    City ProtectTM 50 is the ally of all citizens. With its unique formula which melts into the skin and their 50 sun protection UVA UVB sunscreens, it can be applied in a flash. It helps to protect the skin from anti-ageing and free radicals, helps to preserve youth capital of the skin. Its nomadic size is very practical and fits in the bag.

  • CITY-MOOD (MatiSCity) 50ml Matis

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    This moisturizing, protective shield is the ultimate secret weapon for erasing visible and invisible signs of pollution. Its lightweight, fast-absorbing texture melts into the skin.

  • Densifiance (Remodelling) 50ml Matis

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    DENSIDERMTM COMPLEX : Trademark to Matis Paris, this complex acts on the skin as an architect of the dermis. Made of natural active ingredients targeting mature skins, it combines dill and soy extracts to consolidate and restructure in depth the dermal network and then improve its firmness, tone and density.

    LIPOPEPTIDE R : this amino acid complex allows counterbalancing some signs of ageing such as a loss of firmness. It strengthens the skin structure and improves the appearance of the skin by delaying the effects of ageing.

    SMARTVECTOR U.V.® : encapsulated, vitamins C and E (antioxidant proprieties) are gradually released throughout the day under the influence of light rays to assure a permanent and continuous action. 

    OAT SUGAR FRACTIONS : innovative active ingredients with toning, lifting* and smoothing effects.

  • Densifiance Night 50ml Matis

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    This care, true overnight restructuring treatment, acts for firmer, smoother, more beautiful skin in the morning.  Its comfortable, enveloping texture releases benefits all night long. Its highly active formula pairs DensiDerm technology (reinforced action on collagen and elastin) with glycolic acid (action on the appearance of age spots).

  • Densifiance Serum 30ml Matis

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    The concentrated booster promotes tonacity in mature skins

    This treatment, with a melting and light texture, boosts the tonicity and firmness of mature skin thanks to its active ingredients that act on the restructuring and consolidation of the dermal network, but also on the action of collagen and elastin present in the skin. The skin looks firmer, the face shape is redesigned, wrinkles and fine lines fade.

  • Gentle Eye Lotion Matis 150ml

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    Gentle Eye Lotion completes the cleansing ritual by removing the last traces of dirt and make-up and soothes the eye contour area. With extracts of cornflower, camomile and witch hazel it helps the eye contours and eyelids to regain comfort and well-being. After make-up removal, it provides a soothing and refreshing sensation.

    To use: Moisten cotton pads with the lotion and apply as a compress to the eyelids for a soothing sensation.


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    A comlpete anti-ageing eye treatment which hydrates, firms, smoothes wrinkles and effectively reduces dark circles & puffiness.