• MESOESTETIC Mesoprotech Light Water Anti-aging Veil

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    MESOESTETIC  Mesoprotech Light Water Anti-aging Veil

    Sunscreen. Normal & combination skin types.

    Its ultra-light anti-aging emulsion provides a very high sun protection. It contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to enhance and maintain the skin’s natural hydration factor and contributes to the elasticity and firmness of the tissues. Its texture allows for immediate absorption that creates an invisible protective veil on the skin. State-of-the-art technology which combines the highest solar protection with anti-aging benefits.

    Size: 50 ml

  • RégimA – Neck & Breast Refining Complex – 50ml

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    The delicate neck, breast and décolleté are often ignored, until they show signs of ageing, solar damage, patchy pigmentation and neglect.

    Restoration is available in the form of combined technologically advanced renewal active ingredients. ShiiTake mushrooms, rich in oligosaccharides, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fortify firmness and tonicity, whilst lightening uneven skin colour. Increased elasticity is achieved by limiting degradation of collagen I and III fibres, thereby reducing skin fatigability.

    Remodelling of the contours of the neck and breasts, increasing density and firmness is ultimate anti-ageing, achieved by boosting natural actives, in the form of phytonutrients, including purified black pepper berries, proven to restore elasticity, tightness, smoothing, improving colour and texture.

    The combination of firming and contouring precious actives results in a firmer, more youthful looking skin. Continued use will help keep the skin in optimal condition.