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pumice 960x
Elim Pumice Buffer- Ideal for the Shower
age reversal 960x
Elim Spa Age Reversal Hand Cream For Dark Spots
Medi heel alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant usa elim 960x
Elim Spa Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant – An Enzymatic Foot Scrub
Elim Spa Callus Kit &Foot Perfector Combo For Cracked heels
callus removal kit shop 960x
Elim Spa Callus Softening Kit 10 Minutes to Perfect Heels
Elim Spa Cuticle MD For Dry and Damaged cuticles
elim cuticle remover usa spa foot products e6ab6673 f17e 43c1 a08c 44f8fc6beb39 960x
Elim Spa Cuticle Remover For unwanted hard cuticles
online elim 2 960x
Elim Spa Dark Spot Serum For Dark Pigmentation Spots
elim usa express dry spa products 960x
Elim Spa Express Dry/Top Coat For a Lasting Finish
Elim Spa Fungal Force Kills Nail Fungi on contact
hydro 960x
Elim Spa Hydro Thermal Exfoliant
illuminating 960x 1
Elim Spa Illuminating Nail Cleanser Whitens and Brightens nails
Elim Spa Medi-Pedi in a Box A Medical Pedicure at home
Elim Spa Nail Hardener for Soft and Brittle Nails
online elim gold spritz 960x
Elim Spa Rejuvenating Gold Spritz Liquid Gold Body Shimmer
elim mediheel spa additive feet cracked heel 960x
Elim Spa Spa Additive – An anti odor Foot Soak
ultra 960x
Elim Spa Ultra Rich Hand Therapy For Ageing Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

786 Cosmetics

  • How are 786 Cosmetics nail polishes vegan and cruelty-free?

    786 Cosmetics nail polishes are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Our nail polishes contain no animal products or byproducts and they are not tested on animals. View our PETA certifications here.

  • Where are 786 Cosmetics nail polishes made?

    786 Cosmetics nail polishes are manufactured and produced in the United States

  • How are 786 Cosmetics nail polishes halal?

    786 Cosmetics has worked alongside Islamic scholars to understand the requirements necessary for halal nail polish. There are two qualities that make 786 Cosmetics halal. 786 Cosmetics products contain no animal products or byproducts and no prohibited alcohol. 786 Cosmetics nail polishes are water permeable – this means it can be worn during wudu. When the nails are rubbed, water permeates the nail polish making your wudu valid

  • How can I be sure these nail polishes are halal and wudu friendly?

    786 Cosmetics nail polishes are certified halal and water permeable by the Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC).

  • How many coats of nail polish ensure water permeability?

    To ensure water permeability, we suggest using no more than two thin coats of 786 Cosmetics nail polish. This can be one coat of color and one coat of a top coat, or two coats of color. We make our halal nail polishes highly pigmented so you won’t need to apply more than one coat of nail polish for most of our colors

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