Cell Expert


What is it?

Cell Expert TM is a beauty elixir which, thanks to the exclusive Matis active ingredient: the MatiStem CC™, allows to protect the environment of the skin stem cells and to help prolong their capacity as to initiate the cell renewal process.

Contents: 30ml

Application: Morning and evening. Apply daily, to cleansed skin, prior to serum and regular skincare. Apply on face and neck, avoid the eye area.

Main Active Ingredients:

MATISTEM CC™: Specific active ingredient composed of « vegetal stem cells » extracted from the white rose, rich in proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. These biomimetic stem cells spread out at the surface of the skin and diffuse the actives.

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A rejuvenating facial serum with active botanicals and nutrients.
What it’s used for:
Matis Paris Cell Expert Beauty Elixir features an advanced formula that utilizes cutting-edge plant stem cell technology to reduce and prevent the visible signs of aging.

MatiStem CC complex uses cultures from alba rose petals to increase cellular longevity to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C glucosides reduce hyperpigmentation, increase firmness and neutralize free radicals for a revitalized complexion.

Suitable for all age groups and for any type of skin , ranging from 25 years . Provides the skin with good protection against external aggression , stress , smoking, weather, pollution.

Exclusive active ingredient MATISTEM CC (TM) protects skin stem cells and triggers a process of self-healing .

Results of clinical studies
The study involved 22 women and 5 men aged 26 to 60 years with a dull shade of the face and uneven skin texture . By research meant application means 2 times a day (morning and evening ) for 4 weeks.

The evaluation results as a percentage :
The skin is restored with every day – 85 %
The texture of the skin becomes smoother , the skin takes on radiance – 81 %
The skin is protected from external aggression – 96 %
Improved overall skin condition – 81 %

Use morning and evening under your skincare product (1-2 drops is enoguh for the whole face)


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