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What is the Best Nail Polish Brand to Keep On Hand

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Choosing a nail polish brand is equally important as selecting the shades. With the right cosmetic brand, you can ensure your polish offers you a lasting manicure. However, long-lasting nail polishes are often filled with heavy substances that restrict the breathability of your nail, affecting their health. Hence, choosing a brand that makes breathable nail polishes should be your priority.

One such brand, 786 cosmetics, is widely getting fame for this and many other reasons. The brand claims to produce high-quality lacquer that ensures your nails stay hydrated and breathing to keep them healthy and nourished. However, the brand was established with another important vision, to make the cosmetic industry more inclusive.

786 Cosmetics History

786 Cosmetics was established in 2017 by a couple, Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani, with a vision and mission to be more inclusive by creating a halal nail polish line. The brand sprouted as an idea when Ibrahim noticed a lack of Islamic permissible nail paint options.

This was restricting many Muslim women from using something basic like nail polish. So he, with his wife, decided to start a nail polish brand focused on breathability and tailored to the Muslim community in mind. He put his efforts into creating a formula that is acceptable in Islam and also of good quality.

His better half Iqra wanted the brand to keep inclusivity in the spotlight, so the couple came up with the idea to name every shade of their nail polish after a city it gets inspired from. They started with the cities they had visited and then the cities they would like to see.

Eventually, this became their way to connect with their customer base as people across the globe submitted their ideas which are now 60+ shades in the company’s arsenal. The brand is sold in 10+ countries and is recognized globally for its unique vision and quality formula.

Why should you choose 786 Cosmetics?

The company is renowned for its unique value proposition – inclusivity. 786 Cosmetic is maybe the first brand that focuses on producing halal nail polish to make this basic cosmetic more accessible to Muslim women. However, this is not the only reason you should choose 786 cosmetic lacquers.

The brand’s unique nail paint formula is a significant reason you should choose it. As the company claims, their formula supports the breathability of your nails. It allows air and water to penetrate to keep your nail hydrated and healthy. 

However, this does not make these polishes prone to chipping or peeling. Instead, the formula is quite potent and stays on your nail for longer, allowing you to sway your manicure look for days. Moreover, the brand’s formula is certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA.

The lightweight formula allows water to permeate through paint, enabling your nail to be nourished, so they don’t lose their liveliness under a heavy coat. Moreover, the brand includes so many shades that look brilliant on any skin tone. Here, we have listed some best shades that look great on any hand and toes.

Kashmir – Breathable Nail Polish

Inspired by Kashmir’s traditional tea and pink blossoms of Tulips in the Mughal garden, this beautiful shade of opaque purple with a hint of pink gives the chilling vibes you have in Kashmir valley.

Agra- Breathable Nail Polish

As richer as the legends from the Mexican city of Guanajuato, this deep red will make you look bolder and more beautiful.

Aswan – Breathable Nail Polish

Inspired by the ancient city of Aswan, Egypt, this deeper and richer shade of brown gives you a remembrance of awe-inspiring historical monuments.

Jakarta – Breathable Nail Polish

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. The shade was inspired by the purple domes of At-Tin Mosque, purple-red sunsets, and purple lights of this bustling urban city.

Gaza – Breathable Nail Polish

Perfect nail polish for dark skin, this olive green shade was inspired by Gaza’s lush green olive trees, the main agricultural crop of Palestine.